3 New Alien Themed Flavors Coming to SNS Focus XT

3 New Alien Themed Flavors Coming to SNS Focus XT

Focus XT

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Just a few days ago we did a post about Fun Halloween Themed supplements and featured Serious Nutrition Solution's incredibly unique Candy Corn flavored version of Focus XT. If you missed that post, definately check that one out. Focus XT is an amazing product and Candy Corn is one of the most unique flavors we've seen from any brand. It tastes great as well.

Focus XT, the Nootropic supplement which aims to provide focus, energy, and other cognitive benefits is rolling out an all new series of 3 flavors which they have aptly named "The Alien Series". We don't yet know what the actual flavors will be, but they will all revolve around an Alien and Area 51 theme. As you can see from the photo above the actual names and flavor profiles are hidden.

This special Alien version of Focus XT will still feature the same formula you know and love, including ingredients like 200mg of Caffeine, along with Choline, Tyrosine, and more.

For those who are as excited about this release as myself, fortunately you won't have to wait long, SNS will be revealing the flavors later this week, likely on Instagram or the brand's website. If you can't wait for the new flavors to drop you can always pick-up Candy Corn below while you wait.

Aug 14th 2023 BigCommerce

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