3 NEW Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Products Coming Soon...

3 NEW Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Products Coming Soon...

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is coming out with THREE new products! Hi Tech is coming out with a stimulant pre-workout called Krank3D-Stim Pre-Workout, a non-stimulant pre-workout called Ngorge Xtreme Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout, and a tablet form pump product called Pump'D Up.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is known for fat burning supplements as well as prohormone supplements. However, they are also known for some stellar and top selling pre-workout supplements.

So far, for the new products, we don't know what the ingredients are or what the bottles are going to look like which builds up the excitement for these new products.

What we do know so far is that Krank3D is going to a stimulant pre-workout, and based on previous pre-workouts, we think it is going to be a pretty high stimulant pre-workout probably including DMHA. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is also coming out with a non-stimulant pre-workout which is exciting because Hi Tech only has one other non-stimulant pre-workout. The last product they are coming out with is a pump product in tablet form. The popularity of pump products in capsule or tablet form has been increasing, so we are excited to see what Hi Tech puts out.

Like I said previously, we don't know any details about these products at this time, all we know is the name of the products. We know nothing about the formulas or what they are going to look like. Be on the look out for these new products coming out soon!

Jun 12th 2023 BigCommerce

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