Alpha Lion Announces All New Formula for SuperHuman Pre-Workout

Alpha Lion Announces All New Formula for SuperHuman Pre-Workout


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Alpha Lion has announced a New and Improved Formula, for their Flagship Pre-Workout Supplement SuperHuman. For the past week the brand has been telling their fans on Instagram to stock up on the original formula before it's gone. Well, in the past day or two, Alpha Lion has been telling us more about the new and improved formula of Super Human. 

Alpha Lion SuperHuman Changes

  • Added 100mg of Theobromine a Naturally occuring Stimulant
  • Added 50mg of AstraGin to synergize with Bioperine & for Maximum Absorption
  • Increased Betaine Anhydrous dose to 2500mg for Improved Strength & Performance
  • 25mg Additional Caffeine for Energy & Focus
  • 42 Servings to Give More Bang for Your Buck
  • Removed DMHA

This all new version of Alpha Lion SuperHuman seems to be an improvement upon an already amazing pre-workout supplement. While some may miss the DMHA, it still features plenty of energy, and many fans of this powerful pre-workout will actually appreciate the DMHA being removed as many users find it to be too intense or to give them side effects like headaches, nausea, or digestive issues.

The All New Alpha Lion SuperHuman will still come in the 5 great tasting flavors your used to.

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