Alpha Lion's Gains Candy Line Gets New Fat Burner Added

Alpha Lion's Gains Candy Line Gets New Fat Burner Added

We brought the Alpha Lion line of supplements in a few months back and they've quickly become a favorite among our customers. Alpha Lion has a "Gains Candy" line of products which was launched about a year back, and which currently contains three different capsule products. The products all being named after their main ingredients and those being TeaCrine, S7, and Dynamine.

Alpha Lion just announced the fourth addition to the Gains Candy line, and it's a fat burning supplement called MitoBurn. This all new Gains Candy MitoBurn features of course, Mitoburn, which is a branded form of L-Baiba. This supplement aims to improve fat loss, increase the oxidation of fat, and increase your ketones.

Like the rest of the Gains Candy line of supplements, this one also features 5mg of Bioperine to improve absorption.We don't yet have this one in, but checkout our full line of Alpha Lion supplements, and you'll likely see this joining the collection in the near future.

Jun 13th 2023 BigCommerce

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