Axe & Sledge Adds New Shark Bite Flavor to Amino Formula The Grind

Axe & Sledge Adds New Shark Bite Flavor to Amino Formula The Grind


We recently began selling Seth Feroce's supplement brand Axe and Sledge here at MySupplementStore.Com. One of the hottest products in this line has been The Grind, Axe and Sledge's Amino Formula packed with 2.5g EAAs and 5g of BCAAs.

A few days back Axe & Sledge announced an All New Flavor in their popular The Grind product. The new flavor is Shark Bite and it's a blood orange and mango flavor. Seth says it's "refreshing AF". As is the case with most Axe and Sledge flavor profiles, they all tend to be crisp and refreshing.

Love the beach vibe of the packaging of this new flavor. While we currently don't yet have Shark Bite in stock, we do carry Axe and Sledge's The Grind in Unicorn Blood, Tropical Thunder, Swamp Beast, Blue Freeze, and Scorpion Venom. You can checkout this product below. Also...FYI, no Unicorns were harmed during the making of The Grind's Unicorn Blood version of The Grind.

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Jun 23rd 2023 BigCommerce
Madison Tong
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