Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme


Just when you thought that Blackstone Labs couldn't come out with any more products for 2016, they have went ahead and are releasing their new Dust Extreme pre-workout. Just an incredible company. The details won't fully be released until tomorrow, so we are not sure of all the ingredient changes, the flavors and anything else they are hiding up their sleeves, but we are pretty sure about one thing dealing with the new Dust Extreme.

Dust Extreme Vs Original Dust V2

What makes this different than their previous formulas of Angel Dust and Dust V2? The information we have gathered is that they will be including 1,3 DMAA in this new formula. Right now Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is the only company on the market adding 1,3 DMAA to their products, so it will be something to see how this shakes up the industry.

When Will It Be Available?

Well Blackstone Labs of course will be the first place to get it from. You will probably pay a pretty penny for it too. We recommend waiting a couple weeks and our team at My Supplement Store should have our hands on it and selling it at nice discounted price. We will keep you updated when we have the new Dust Extreme so make sure to sign up for our email newsletter to be notified when it is in stock.

For now check out the rest of the Blackstone Labs supplement line.