dr oz chia seeds

Dr Oz Chia Seeds What are they!?

For centuries the Aztecs and Mayan people have been consuming chia seeds for their enhanced ability to curb hunger while providing a full blend of nutrients. Chia actually means ‘Strength’ according to the mayan language. Chia seeds were a staple among corn and beans in these cultures.

How will Chia Seeds work for Weight-loss

Chia absorbs up to 12 times its own weight and expands in your digestive system to curb your appetite, so adding just an ounce or so of chia seeds to your diet can reduce caloric intake and help lower the energy density (or calories) of foods, plus double the amount of fiber you receive. The nutritional benefits of chia include fiber, omega fatty acids, calcium, antioxidants – even protein which also has been shown to decrease hunger, Chia seeds will work great with a product like Pea Protein for an incredibly effective meal replacement shake that will minimize cravings and help with weight-loss!

Dr Oz Chia Seed Benefits

  • Decreased Hunger
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Enhanced Thermogenesis (fat burning)
  • Healthy Dose of Fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, healthy fats & protein
  • Do not need to be grinded like Flax Seeds
  • These seeds can be eaten on their own or added to salads, cereals, yogurts, etc. to boost nutritional content.

Dr Oz Chia Seed Recomendations

Dr. Oz recommends consuming Chia Seeds for weight-loss, specifically for older individuals after age induced metabolism decrease.  Dr Oz recommends consuming 15 grams per day of chia seeds as a fiber source, grains and omega 3.

Where Can I Purchase Chia Seeds?

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