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Dr Oz: Chinese Poppy Corydalis for Chronic Pain Relief

Dr Oz recently brought to his customers an all-natural pain reliever that he says will be a game-changer for anyone with chronic pain. It is called Corydalis but also known as Chinese Poppy. 

Dr Oz Corydalis What is it?

Also known as the Chinese Poppy, new researarch is suggestiong that it can actually be an effective treatment for chronic pain. Most prescription pain killers work on the opiod recpetors (morphine) but have a host of side effects one of them being tolerance as well as addiction. Chinese Poppy Contains DHCB dehydrocorybulbine which is chemical compound responsible for the decreases in pain in the study. 

Corydalis DHCB for Pain

Dr. Daniel Hsu says that DHCB will be effective for chronic pain especially those including back, spine and even menstrual cramps. With the benefits that there are no side effects and you won’t develop a tolerance and it is not addictive. 

Where to Find? 

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By Jeff Moriarty