The guys on Duck Dynasty know a few things about growing beards. The length of their formidable beards have been turning heads for years.  Growing a clean, full, well-groomed beard takes more than just genetics. You also need the right products.

On a recent Dr. Oz episode, he talked about the importance of shampooing your beard with coconut oil to strengthen, moisturize, and soften your beard.  The same attention that goes into the hair on your head should be applied to your facial hair!

If you are serious about growing a beard, you should incorporate coconut oil into your regimen immediately.  You may not rival the guys at Duck Dynasty anytime soon, but you can have a softer beard in just a few applications.

Coconut Oil Benefits

• Softens

• Moisturizes

• Reduces Irritation

• Smells Great

Which Coconut Oil is Best?

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