Dr Oz PhytoCeramides & Faking a Face Lift

How Do Phytoceramides Work?

Ceramides are a natural occurring component of skin that decreases as we age, just like Vitmain C  which can also benefit healthy skin, when these decrease we lose that healthy plump & full youthful look to our skin. Dr. Rogers enlightens Dr Oz and the audience that ceramides have been around and in topical solutions for a while, with oral products available in Asia as well. Explaining that recently the FDA approved a plant derived version known as PhytoCeramides. Derived from plants and they work by putting back the lost Ceramides into our skin! Being administered through a pill is a very effective away to replenish our Ceramide stores to bring back that youthful appearance by literally sticking our skin cells back together so they can better retain moisture!

Dr Oz PhytoCeramides Cost

Dr. Madhere says the ideal dose is 350 mg, which is one pill a day. She says the cost can range from 10-20$ for a 30-day supply, making it very economical. She is careful to add that when looking for a product, be certain that the label says plant derived ceramides.

Dr Oz: PhytoCeramides Contain Gluten Caution

While phytoceramides are safe for most anyone to use, Dr. Rogers warns that those with a gluten intolerance or sensitivity should practice caution due to the fact that the PhytoCermides are extracted from natural plant starches like rice, wheat, and sweet potatoes! Look for ones derived from those products to be sure you’re getting the correct product!

Where to Buy Dr Oz PhytoCeramides

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