Dr Oz’s Omega-3 Krill Oil Decreases Cholesterol

Recently Dr Oz mentioned that his favorite supplement is Krill Oil for the Omega-3 content, better absorption and cholesterol lowering abilities.


Dr Oz Krill Oil vs Fish Oil


Dr Oz says that taking a Krill Oil Supplement over a fish oil product can be benefitical for several reasons. Since there are many companies putting out Fish Oil Supplements it can be difficult finding a high quality fish oil supplement. Therefore Dr Oz recommends Krill oil not only because the products on the market tend to be of much higher quality. So look for Krill Oil with High Omega-3 Content over Fish Oil.


Dr Oz Krill Oil Benefits

  • Krill oil works as effectively as omega-3s from other sources, but at much lower doses
  • Raise  good HDL cholesterol and
  • Lower our triglycerides as well
  • Better absorption
  • More Potent

Dr Oz Krill Oil Dosage

Dr Oz recommends taking 1-3g of a high quality Krill Oil per day!

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Dr Oz Where to Buy Krill Oil

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By David Schroer