By Dave Schroer

 Dr Oz Pea Protein How it crushes Cravings


The huge problem with our foods today is that they are ultra-palatable or ‘delicious’ so much so that they actually shut off our bodies ability to say I’m full! Think about it, watch how many more smoked/salted nuts you can consume compared to the same nut just RAW, you will be amazed at how your body says ENOUGH!

Which leads me into the phenomenon that is protein for appetite suppression! Another phenomenon exists by way of macro nutrients, (Carbs, Fats, and Proteins)  When we consume these all together our body gets a bit confused and is late to send the hunger shut off message, but if you ate the same amount of food just one of the macro nutrients your body would be much faster at relaying the message. This is the mechanism of action that the incorporation of a protein shake can have on hunger suppression. When you intake the large amount of protein your body says okay were good no more food, and you won’t have to fight off those pesky cravings!

dr oz healthy pea protein weight loss

Dr Oz Pea Protein Benefits

  •     Reduce Appetite and Cravings
  •     Increase Weight-Loss, protein is thermogenic
  •     Easily Digestible
  •     No Stomach Discomfort, like with Milk derived proteins
  •     Vegan Friendly

Dr Oz Pea Protein Side Effects

Depending on allergies possibly specific conditions it is always recommended that you speak with your physician before beginning a supplement regimen.

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