Dr Oz Pine Bark Extract Anti-Aging Benefits

Pine Bark Extract also known under its trade marked name Pycnogenol has been used medicinally since the 13th century and it is known for its incredibly potent anti-cancer, anti-aging & immune boosting properties! Up to 50 times more potent than Vitamin E & 20-Times more than Vitamin C by protecting against free radicals; this is something every person should be adding to their regimens!

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How Does Pine Bark Extract Work

Containing proanthocyanidins (same as pycnogenol) which are very powerful anti-oxidants, these scavenge our bodies and combine with oxidized particles (free radicals) and reduce their capability of ciasign harm or weakening the immune system


Pine Bark Extract Dosing

Dr Oz recommended adding 25mgs 3 times per day for anti-aging & immune system benefits!


Where find Pine Bark Extract  

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