Has Green Coffee Bean Extract been FDA Approved?


With the large amount of recent buzz surrounding the weight-loss product seen on Dr Oz known as Green Coffee Bean Extract we have received a lot questions wondering if the product is FDA approved. The FDA is constantly monitoring the vitamin and supplement industry you may remember back when Ephedra was taken on by the FDA and eventually outlawed due to abuse related effects. However, very rarely if ever, will the FDA approve a supplement such as Green Coffee Bean Extract because the process to do so is so expensive and tedious that the means don’t justify the ends. There have been countless dosages of Green Coffee Bean Extract taken and at this point it is considered very safe when used at the recommended dosage.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract FDA Approved?

So the fast answer is No, however it has been found to be perfectly safe when taken in recommended dosages that Dr Oz mentioned on his show.  If you’re looking for one that is FDA approved Good Luck because no company is going to go pay the insane amounts of money it would cost to get an ingredient FDA approved. Also another take home point is that Dietary Supplements had 0 deaths in 2011, FDA approved Pharmaceuticals had over 100,000; so you be the judge of ‘Whats Safe’.  

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