NEW Gorilla Mind Energy Drink Flavor Coming November 30th

Gorilla Mind Energy Drinks have been a customer favorite and their flavors are always on point. Before launching Gorilla Mind Energy Drinks, Gorilla Mind made a statement that they would release a new flavor every month for the next year after its debut. Gorilla Mind Energy Drinks have been on point every time they have come out with a new flavor.

Gorilla Mind started this new flavor every month back in April and it is still running. Gorilla Mind Energy Drinks have came out with Arctic White, Black Cherry Vanilla, Exotic Kiwi and Orange Crush. Gorilla Mind has also added Wild Grape, Strawberry Candy, Lychee Bomb, and Tiger's Blood. 

At the end of November, Gorilla Mind is coming out with yet another energy flavor called Tropical Storm. So far, Gorilla Mind has kept their promise of releasing a new flavor every month since it came out. We are excited to get our hands on a can and try this flavor. Gorilla Mind Energy Drink flavors have been amazing so far, so we are excited to try this new flavor later this year!

Nov 16th 2023 BigCommerce

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