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All You Need To Know About Dynamine

March 14, 2023 4 min read 0 Comments

What Is Dynamine?

Dynamine is a supplement that can be taken as an individual ingredient supplement or it is in pre-workouts or fat burning supplements. Dynamine's main ingredient is methylliberine which is a pure alkaloid that is in things like coffee beans, tea leaves, and other natural occurring substances people consume for energy.

Dynamine is known to increase your energy levels which is why it is in a lot of pre-workout supplements. Dynamine will also help with your metabolism and provides cognitive boosting benefits. This ingredient can also help you burn more calories and lean out faster while improving your attention during tough workouts.

How Does Dynamine Work?

Dynamine increases energy by preventing adenosine which is a neurotransmitter binding to receptors in the brain. When adenosine binds to these receptors, it will make your feel fatigue and sleepy. 

Dynamine also inhibits the uptake of dopamine which is another neurotransmitter; this is done by blocking dopamine transporter proteins. These proteins will help bring dopamine into the cells where it can be stored and used later. Dopamine plays an essential role in memory and other cognitive actions. Dopamine will also help boost your overall mood and help you feel happier overall.

The combination of increased dopamine and reduced drowsiness will lead to more energy, improved focus, and better mood when you consume Dynamine.

Benefits Of Dynamine

There are a variety of reasons to use Dynamine; especially if you are looking to burn fat in addition to increasing your overall energy levels.

Increases Energy

Increasing your energy levels can help you achieve your fitness goals faster. Dynamine does a good job at fighting off fatigue and helping you feel more energized during your workouts.

Improved Cognition

Dynamine won't just help increase your energy levels, it will provide a nootropic effect that will help boost your cognition and stay focused during your workout session.

Better Mind-Muscle Connection

Your mind-muscle connection plays an important role in helping you improve your overall performance during your workout and better form that will help lead to the best results.

Better Performance

When you energy levels increase and your cognitive abilities improve, your performance will also be better during your workouts. You will be able to push yourself further and harder without getting fatigue for longer periods of time. Better performance will help you build muscle and maximize the number of calories you burn which will help reach your weight loss and fitness goals quicker.

Improved Mood

Dynamine inhibits dopamine reuptake which can help elevate your mood. During your workouts, you will feel more positive for several hours during and after your workout.

Increased Fat Burning

Dynamine can help increase your fat-burning potential because it allows you to push yourself to burn more calories. Plus Dynamine has many metabolism-boosting benefits. It can help increase your oxygen uptake during and after your workout which can increase calorie and fat burning throughout the day.

Long-Lasting Energy

Not only does Dynamine help increase your energy levels, but you will never need to worry about a dramatic spike in energy or a sudden crash. Dynamine provides a longer lasting energy increase. Unlike other stimulants, Dynamin doesn't raise your heart rate or blood pressure. Dynamine has a longer half life than caffeine which will allow you to feel the effects for longer periods of time. 

Who Should Use Dynamine?

Dynamine is a good option for those who are looking to burn more fat, improve their overall focus, and want to increase their energy levels. Dynamine is good for those who are sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants or trying to avoid caffeine and other stimulants. 

People won't build a tolerance to Dynamine like they do when they use caffeine. This means you won't have to increase your dosage to experience the full effects. 

Dynamine is also good for those who are trying to minimize their caffeine intake without sacrificing their energy levels. 

How To Dose Dynamine?

It is most common to consume Dynamine before your workout; about 20 minutes before your training session. There isn't a standard dose for Dynamine, but most people will start between 200mg to 400mg. It is better to start with a smaller dose and work your way up over time. This will help avoid any potential negative side effects.


Dynamine is a fantastic ingredient that help significantly effect your fat loss efforts while improving your energy levels and improving your cognition. If you are lookign to lean out and need a boost, check out the Dynamine supplement below.

AXE & SLEDGE FYRED 60 Capsules


Axe & Sledge Fyred | Extreme Fat Burner Fyred is Axe & Sledge's second fat burner to their product line-up. Their first fat burner Double Time was a hit and hugely popular. Fyred is an even more extreme, even more powerful fat burner. While it features many of the same ingredients, it features dual caffeine sources for 200mg of caffeine per serving, featuring mood enhancing caffeine analogue Dynamine, and fat burning ingredients like Grains of Paradise, GBB, and Capsimax. 

Serious Nutrition Solutions Dynamine 60 Vege Capsules


Serious Nutrition Solutions Dynamine 60 Vege Capsules If you are looking for a fast-acting energy supplement, check out Serious Nutrition Solutions Dynamine. Serious Nutrition Solutions Dynamine provides you with fast acting energy and will help with a positive mood boost. This supplement enhances your focus and mental alertness and can be taken with your coffee, energy drink of your choice, or other pre workouts that don’t have Dynamine in them. 

Phase One Nutrition PrePhase 30 Servings


Phase One Nutrition PrePhase 30 Servings | Insane Focus & Energy Pre-Workout Supplement Phase One Nutrition's PrePhase Super Pre-Workout is the ultimate pre-workout supplement to help you take your workouts to whole new levels of intensity. PrePhase provides intense energy, laser focus, and without jitters. If you're looking for improved performance, more muscle fullness, and increased endurance in the gym, grab a tub of PrePhase. 

Pro Supps Hyde Energy RTD 12/case


Pro Supps Hyde Energy RTD 12/case Pro Supps Hyde Energy RTD is packed with 300mg of Tri-Source Caffeine, Alpha GPC, Dynamine, and zero sugar. This ready to drink energy drink will provide you with a brain fuel boost to give you ultimate focus and explosive energy. Pick up a case today! 

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