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Meeghan Dunleavy

May 20, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

Here at My Supplement Store we are starting to cover more NPC competitors, especially women. One that stands out is Meeghan Dunleavy. She was in many NPC Championships throughout the years. Never winning overall, but many times placing in the top 3.

She didn't just get into the NPC Championships as a hobby though. Growing up she competed and won many Miss Kansas pageants. She also competed in bikini competitions when she was part of the Wichita Thunder Lightning Girls. This then helped her become a reality TV cast member on the Fashion Hero. 

Since then, she pivoted to a professional role as an executive Assistant at BG Products. She finally accepted the role of Chief of Staff for the Directors/Chairman's Advisory Board at BG Products, Inc.

She can still be looked at as a inspirational athlete from her spin classes to her competitions. While she may no longer be competing, she will be remembered for her outstanding poses and physique.