Top 10 Funniest Supplement Names

Top 10 Funniest Supplement Names

1. Hot Plants For Him

Hot Plants For Him is one of the most potent libido enhancers that is all natural and provides you with a boost of energy. It is made with rhodiola which has been clinically studied to support male sexual health. Not sure why they had to call it this and don't be walking around with plants in front of your male parts, but if you are looking for a supplement to give you that extra boost, check out Hot Plants For Him.

2. Ball Refill

Ball Refill is a sexual support supplement for men that will help increase your natural production of semen and supports increased testosterone and harder erections. I guess Ball Refill is a suitable name based on the description of the product. If you are looking to refill... you know what, check out Vigor Labs Ball Refill.

3. Wrecking Balls

I think we are seeing a little bit of a trend here with the sexual enhancement products and their names. Wrecking Balls is a supplement that supports natural production of testosterone. This product will help support firmer and fuller erections, so I guess this name also suites the product description too... Check out Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls if you need some ya know... bedroom performance support.

4. F-Bomb

Okay something other than sexual enhancement products, we got Merica Labz F-Bomb. Now the name is out there, but the design of the tub is also just in your face. The name does make sense because F Bomb is like a bomb in the sense of it being a high stimulant pre-workout supplement. This pre-workout is packed with ingredients, so if you are looking for a boost during your workout, check out Merica Labz F-Bomb!

5. Skull F*ck

Skull F*ck is like F-Bomb, bad ass name for a supplement. It's funny that companies are getting more bold with the names and the designs of their bottling. Skull F*ck is an intense smelling salt supplement that will help give you a boost in alertness and a boost of adrenaline for your workout. Check out House Of Gains Skull F*ck.

6. Liberty Balls

Liberate your natural testosterone with Merica Labs Liberty Ballz. Another interesting name for a testosterone boosting supplement, but I guess the name suites the product. So, liberate your balls with Merica Labz Liberty Ballz!

7. JujiMufu AHHH!

What a name! JujiMufu AHHH is a mouthful of a name, but the "AHHH" part of the name definitely describes the reaction to this smelling salt supplement. If you are looking for a boost of adrenaline, definitely check out JujiMufu AHHH Smelling Salts!

8. Max Load

I thought we were done with sexual enhancement products too, but this one had to be on this list. The fact that it says "Cum Harder!, Cum Longer!, Cum More!" is definitely something else. If you are looking to do what I said above... check out MD Science Max Load.

9. Full As F*ck

This one is also funny but suites it's description. With this non-stimulant pre-workout, you will feel a full as f*ck pump during your workout. Plus the picture on the tub will probably get you motivated. Get a sick workout in with 5% Nutrition Full As F*ck!

10. Hulk AF

Hulk AF is also a bad ass name. This pre-workout pump formula will give you the power to push through your toughest workout. Now, just so you know, you won't turn into the Hulk, but you can definitely be similar to the Hulk. Be like the Hulk and give Swole AF Hulk AF a try!

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