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Ultimate Guide To Muscle Protein Synthesis | Optimize Muscle Protein Synthesis

November 29, 2022 5 min read 0 Comments

Protein is a key component of a healthy and well-balanced diet. Many people may not know how dietary protein regulates muscle protein metabolism, muscle mass, and muscle strength. In this article, we will review what muscle protein synthesis is and how it helps the body and muscle building. If you are wondering how protein goes alongside with your exercise, check out this article below.

What Is Muscle Protein Synthesis?

Protein Synthesis is the process of building new proteins and this process happens in all organs. Muscle protein synthesis is the process of building specifically muscle protein.

Muscle protein synthesis is the process of producing new muscle protein. Muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown rates can tell you the muscle protein balance and the changes in muscle mass. Muscle protein synthesis is an important component of how the body maintains and build muscles.

Muscle protein synthesis is a metabolic process that produces muscle protein and facilitates the maintenance or building of muscle mass. Muscle protein synthesis works opposite of muscle protein breakdown which accelerates the loss of muscle mass.

The loss of muscle mass and strength is always a health concern especially as people age, their muscle loss increases. In good news, muscle protein is regulated by how you move and what you eat. Below you will find ways to maximize muscle protein synthesis through exercise, food, and supplements.

How To Optimize Muscle Protein Synthesis: Exercise

These are some recommendations on how to optimize muscle protein synthesis through exercise and fitness. Physical activity and exercise is beneficial to your overall health, however resistance training will be most beneficial for optimizing muscle protein synthesis.

1. Number Of Sets

Doing multiple sets will increase muscle protein synthesis more than a single set. Having a higher number of sets to muscle will result in greater muscle mass gains. 

2. Reps Per Set

Along will doing multiple sets, doing a rep range of 8-12 reps optimizes muscle growth. Varying your rep ranges will effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis. 

3. Rest Between Sets

It is important to take a longer rest period between sets to help increase the larger post-exercise muscle protein synthetic response. Taking longer rest periods can improve muscle mass gains compared to a shorter rest time.

4. Maintain Proper Form

While you are training, it is important to keep a proper form and technique throughout your workout. You don't want to risk injury from poor form; plus with poor form you are being counterproductive. 

How To Optimize Muscle Protein Synthesis: Food Intake

These are some ways to measure your protein intake and what things you should be looking for when you are trying to optimize muscle protein synthesis.

1. Amount Of Protein

Make sure you are getting the correct amount of protein each day. Track how much protein  you are consuming to make sure you are hitting the correct amount to optimize muscle protein synthesis.

2. Protein Source

Protein sources can vary in their capacity to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. The main things that determine the anabolic effect of protein are digestion rate and it's amino acid composition. Emphasizing high-quality protein sources with a complete amino acid profile can help optimize muscle protein synthesis. Different protein sources can stimulate stronger muscle protein synthesis.

3. Protein Before Bedtime

An effective protein distribution optimizes muscle protein synthesis, so it makes sense to eat protein before going to bed. Eating protein before bed will help increases and stimulates muscle protein synthesis overnight. Having protein before bed will help improve muscle mass and strength gains. 

4. Energy Intake

A negative energy balance can decrease muscle protein synthesis rates. You want to make sure you are eating four to five meals spread throughout the day and eating 20-40 grams of protein at each meal. Positive energy balance will help stimulate muscle protein synthesis. 

Supplements To Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis

Various supplements can also help to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Supplements like prohormones, BCAAs, Whey Protein, Casein, and more. 

1. Whey Protein

Whey protein can help accelerate protein synthesis because it has a rapid rate of digestion and absorption by the digestive tract. Whey protein has the ability to rapidly fill the body with amino acids which pushes protein synthesis.

2. Beta Ecdysterone

Beta-Ecdystserone is a phytochemical that is found in specific plants. Beta Ecdysterone doesn't impact hormone levels and works by stimulating protein synthesis which will increase muscle growth.

3. Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylabutyrate (HMB)

HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid, Leucine. HMB helps prevent muscle breakdown during training and aids in muscle growth if you take enough and train hard. 

4. Casein

Though Whey protein is known to stimulate protein synthesis, Casein is also known for its ability to blunt muscle breakdown. Casein protein delivers amino acids to the muscles at a steady rate which prevents the body from using muscle protein for fuel. 

5. Prohormones

Some prohormones are known to help generate protein synthesis and stimulate muscle growth. People take prohormones to help them build muscle and decrease their body fat percentage.


Overall, muscle protein synthesis is the process of building muscle mass and is essential for exercise recovery and adaptation. There are various ways related to exercise and what you eat to help optimize muscle protein synthesis. Plus there are supplements to help stimulate muscle protein synthesis as well. Check them out below:

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Precision Protein 2lbs


Precision Whey Protein Isolate - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 2lbs Including protein in your workouts is one of the best things you can do for your body! You need protein to build muscle as that acts as fuel for your body and muscles. The best kind of protein you can get that is pure is 100% whey isolate. You can grow your muscles even more and fill up with this protein along with entering an anabolic state! 

Allmax Nutrition Casein-FX 2 Lbs


Best Casein Protein - Allmax Nutrition Casein-FX 2 Lbs Sometimes life hits you hard and you are not able to eat. Or maybe you just got out of the gym and need to recover while you sleep. If you want to have a slow release casein protein, AllMax Nutrition is the way to go. This protein powder is mean for slow down amino acids absorption so you can always have muscle protein synthesis even when you are sleeping! 

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten 60 Tablets


Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten 60 Tablets Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten is a prohormone supplement that supports optimal levels of male hormones. Hi-Tech Ecdisten supports muscle recovery and growth while helping to increase your overall strength. Hi Tech Ecdisten increases protein synthesis and strength while helping you to build more muscle mass. Pick up a bottle today! 

EAS HMB 1500mg 120 Capsules


EAS HMB 1500mg 120 Capsules If you are looking for a supplement that helps protect your muscles, check out EAS HMB. EAS HMB helps protect and preserves your muscle. This supplement will help support lean body mass and should be taken before your training session. HMB is a branched chain amino acid that helps repair muscle tissue while improving protein synthesis. Pick up a bottle today! 

Hi-Tech 1-Testosterone 60 Count


The Best Testosterone Booster - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone 60 Count Is 1-testosterone legal? Of course it is! We only sell legal products here at My Supplement Store. Time to add more testosterone to what you already make! Testosterone is already natural and made inside your body, so this will help you make clean gains while increasing your aggression so you can stay in the gym longer! Time to increase muscle and even burn some fat to show off that body! 

Hi Tech Turkesterone 650 60 Count


Hi Tech Turkesterone 650 60ct For those of you that are looking to build lean muscle mass and strength the natural way, Turkesterone is the product for you. What is Turkesterone though? Turkesterone was first used by Russian athletes back in the 1970s in order to enhance anabolic activity. Taking this supplement specifically supported the magnification of protein synthesis. 

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