Woke AF Versus Woke AF Black

Woke AF Versus Woke AF Black

Woke AF Versus Woke AF Black

Many of you are probably asking what the difference is between Woke AF and Woke AF Black. Woke AF and Woke AF Black are both high stimulant pre-workouts.

Woke AF is a heavy stimulant pre-workout and is an intense version of Bucked Up. If you love a pre-workout that gives you a huge burst of energy that will help you power through the entirety of your workout, provide you with mind-blowing muscle pumps, enhanced mental clarity and focus for incredible mind-muscle connection, Woke AF will deliver every time.

Woke AF is clinically dosed with stimulants like Caffeine Anhydrous, Synephrine HCl, and Dendrobium to help deliver a clean energy burst that will sustain throughout your entire workout (usually will last for about 2 and a half hours) which will allow you to push at the max intensity for your entire workout.

Woke AF is clinically dosed with 6 grams of Citrulline Malate which drastically increases blood flow driving fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles. Other benefits of Citrulline Malate (besides your muscles swelling up, leaving you looking more massive and vascular) are increased muscular endurance and delay the onset of lactic acid which helps you push longer and harder. Woke AF includes 200mg of Alpha GPC for enhanced mental clarity and focus to help with an incredible mind-muscle connections and improved mood. This intense pre-workout also contains 25mg of Actigin to boost V02 max, provide you with a faster recovery, and less muscular soreness.

Wok AF is a high stim pre-workout featuring a very similar formula as Bucked Up with a few changes. First, there is 133mg more caffeine in Woke AF than Bucked Up. Woke AF also features two different ingredients, one being Dendrobium and the other is Synephrine HCl.

Bucked Up Woke AF 30 Servings


Bucked Up Woke AF High Stim Pre-Workout Warning: Woke AF is not for beginners. This is a high stimulant pre-workout is for the stim heads and experienced fitness enthusiasts used to taking pre-workouts. Woke AF is a balanced high stim pre-workout that not only gives you energy, but keeps you locked in and focused on the mission, even during your toughest workouts. 

So, what is the difference between Woke AF and Woke AF Black? Woke AF Black has the same amazing formula as Woke AF, but it adds a powerful duo of Humic and Fulvic Acid. This ingredient is beneficial for the lifter because it increases nutrient absorption for even more natural energy. Plus, this duo will provide detoxification benefits without taking away the vital nutrients and minerals. So if you are into a heavy stimulant pre-workout that provides you with a variety of benefits, definitely check out Woke AF and Woke AF Black!

Check them out and see which one is your favorite!

Bucked Up Woke AF Black 30 Servings


Bucked Up Woke AF Black Bucked Up has taken their high stim pre-workouts to a whole new level. Woke AF Black is very similar to the Original high stim Woke AF you know and love, with Humic and Fulvic acid added for help detoxifying your system. And as an added bonus, it turns your pre-workout drink black. 

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