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5 New Flavors Added to GAT Sport Flex EAAs Hydration

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One of the more recent products GAT Sport put out was Flexx EAAs, which was a spin on the brands Flexx BCAAs supplement. Flexx EAAs packs all 9 EAAs along with electrolytes for hydration, and 125mg of Ashwaghanda for good measure as well.

Up until recently GAT Sport FLEXX EAAs was only available in the original two flavors the product was rolled out with, Blue Razz and Fruit Punch. GAT Sport has announced an impressive line-up of 5 new flavors for this product. The new flavors include Strawberry Mango, Apple Pear, Orange Guava, Beach Blast, and Dragonfruit Watermelon. 

While these new flavors haven't hit GAT Sports website or retailers as of yet, it should be out very soon in a 30 serving tub size. Feel free to checkout our Collection of GAT Sport supplements below.


GAT Sports has over 20 years of providing quality bodybuilding supplements for athletes. Their supplements are made from premium ingredients and their formulas are backed by science, research, and clinical studies. GAT has transparent clean formulas. Checkout their Nitraflex, PMP, and JetMass some of their most popular formulas.

John Frigo
John Frigo

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