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All New Bang Energy Flavor Revealed... Birthday Cake Bash

July 18, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

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For weeks Bang Energy Drink has been teasing us with a new mystery flavor which would be released soon. Just yesterday they posted about how this will be the most epic Bang Energy Launch EVER!!! They also said this flavor should also be available across multiple other products as well. 

So what is the flavor you ask? The new flavor is Birthday Cake Bash!!! It doesn't appear Bang themselves has even officially released or announced the new flavor yet. Their website still has it listed as a "mystery flavor". A photo was leaked however, by the Hy-Vee Supermarket right here in Milan, Illinois showing the stock of this new mystery flavor they received this week. 

Bang hasn't yet shared what other products this new Birthday Cake Bash flavor will be added to, however it has been confirmed it will be added to at least four other products.

We don't yet have the new Birthday Cake Bash flavor in stock as of yet, though we typically get new flavors pretty quickly after their release. Continue to check back for updates. If you'd like to check out our wide array of 23 other Bang flavors including tasty ones like Bangster Berry, Frose Rose, Purple Guava, Cotton Candy, or one of my personal favorites Star Blast, checkout our current offerings.