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All New Melatonin Sleep Supplement from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

August 13, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments


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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has added another sleep supplement to their large selection of products. Hi-Tech already has two excellent sleep formulas with Sleep-RX and Somatomax. However for those looking for something a little more natural they've just recently rolled out an all new drug free night time sleep aid with their Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Melatonin.

Melatonin has long been used to help your bodies sleep and wake cycles aka your circadian rythm. It's also often used to offset jetlag, for shift workers, and for those who have trouble sleeping.

What's unique about Hi-Tech's new formula is the two stage bi layer deliver which delivers 3mg of Melatonin instantly, as well as 7mg of Melatonin in a sustained release formula to help you stay asleep. Hi-Tech's Cyclosome Melatonin is also more bioavailable meaning your body can uptake more of it and it should work more effectively. 



Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Melatonin 60 Count


Natural Drug-Free Sleep Aid | Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Melatonin Available for Pre-Order Now While many people think of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals as making muscle building and bodybuilding supplements; Hi-Tech is no stranger to making high quality effective sleep aids. Hi-Tech already has two popular sleep aids on the market Somatomax and Sleep RX. Hi-Tech Melatonin however is the companies first ever All Natural Drug Free Nighttime Sleep Aid. What's unique about Hi-Tech's Melatonin verse other mel ...