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AllMax Nutrition Rolls Out All New MCT Oil Liquid

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AllMax Nutrition's line-up has grown with the introduction of a new liquid form MCT oil which stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. The most recent addition to AllMax is the new MCT product for sustained energy which gets its naturally occuring fats from coconut and palm kern oil. 

This new MCT provides 14.6 of MCT's in each 15ml serving. You'll get 8.8g from C8 caprylic acid and 5.8g from C10 capric acid. Each bottle contains 32 servings in an unflavored option for now.

You coffee drinkers out there may enjoy it as AllMax recommends mixing it into a cup of coffee, or a smoothie for you non coffee drinkers. In addition to elevated energy levels some other benefits of MCT's include improved fat loss, improved cognitive function and blood sugar regulation.

John Frigo
John Frigo

Avid runner, paddleboarder, and fitness enthusiast. John has written 100's of articles and guides, as well as done videos on the fitness and sports nutrition industries. John is focused on educating and improving others live's through nutrition, supplementation, and fitness.