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Alpha Lion Announces New Mango Veiniac Flavor of Komodo Pump

November 25, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments


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Attention All, New Flavor Alert!!! We all love when new flavors of our favorite products roll out. Those of you who are fans of Alpha Lion's Komodo Pump will be excited to hear the brand is going to be rolling out an all new Mango Veiniac flavor of their popular pump supplement Komodo Pump.

We were excited to hear this as we just brought this brand in and it's been flying off the shelves, people are loving this stuff. 

Komodo Pump was released back in April and is a hybrid pump formula providing both pumps and focus. It initially rolled out in just two flavors, Blue Blueberry Mojito and Peach Rings. While those flavors are tasty, it's great to see a more traditional fruity option be rolled out. 

The brand will be releasing this all new flavor on Cyber Monday and we should have it in shortly after. If you'd like to read more about Komodo Pump or possibly pick-up a tub checkout the product below...

Alpha Lion Komodo Pump 21 Servings


Komodo Pump is a relatively new Pump Supplement from Alpha Lion. Komodo Pump is a hybrid kind of Pre-Workout providing both Explosive Pumps along with Laser Focus. Grab yourself a tub!