Axe & Sledge Is Rolling Out An Energy Drink | JST WRK

Axe & Sledge Is Rolling Out An Energy Drink | JST WRK

Axe & Sledge just announced that they are coming out with energy drinks which is super exciting! We don't know anything about this new product, but we do know that it is launching on March 14th, 2023!

Axe & Sledge just shared the complete look of their new energy drinks which will be coming out in just a few days! Axe & Sledge are calling it JST WRK Energy Drinks which will provide you with 200mg of caffeine to help increase and enhance your energy levels.

Axe & Sledge's JST WRK Energy Drinks has no sugar or carbohydrates and zero calories in their 12 ounce cans. The flavors will include Shark Bite, Glacier, ICEE Cherry and Blue Raspberry.

We are so excited to get these in stock and can't wait to try these flavors! Get a pack today and tell us what your favorite flavor is!

JSTWRK Energy Drink 12/Case


JSTWRK Energy Drink 12/Case JSTWRK Energy Drink is a new energy drink that branches from Axe & Sledge! JSTWRK Energy Drink contains 200mg of Caffeine per can as well as B Vitamins, 15mg of Sodium and no calories or sugar. JSTWRK Energy Drink is a delicious tasting energy drink in a 12 ounce can. It comes in four delicious flavors including, Glacier, Shark Bite, ICEE Blue Raspberry, and ICEE Cherry. Pick up a case today! 

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