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Axe & Sledge's Unique Whiskey & Cola Flavor Coming to "Hydraulic" Pump Supplement

May 07, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments


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A while back Axe & Sledge had announced a truly unique flavor addition to their "The Grind" supplement. The flavor was a Whiskey & Cola flavor that came in a neat Jack Daniels themed tub. For those who haven't tried the Whiskey and Cola version of The Grind, it's been well received and people have been loving it. Most people say it tastes more like straight Cola, with others saying it tastes like those Coke Bottle Gummies, as opposed to actually tasting like a Jack and Coke. 

Well, as the brand often does, they'll start out a new flavor in a single product, and if it's popular will roll it out to the rest of the line. Axe & Sledge is bringing this Whiskey and Cola flavor to their Non-Stim Pump Pre-Workout Hydraulic. This one will also feature the unique Jack Daniels styled tub and will become available on the brands webshop tonight. 

Currently we have Whiskey and Cola flavored "The Grind" in stock. For those wanting to try this flavor in Hydraulic, we should have it in stock in the coming weeks. 

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