Bang Birthday Cake Bash Energy Drink Review

Bang Birthday Cake Bash Energy Drink Review

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If you're a fan of VPX Bang Energy Drinks, chances are you've been on the edge of your seat the past few weeks waiting to find out what the new flavor was going to be.

While Bang themselves are still calling this a "Mystery Flavor" on their website, several photos have been leaked online over the past few days by grocery stores and convenient stores who seemingly got their cases early. 

The first photos to appear online showed up on Reddit, showing a can of Birthday Cake Bash from a United Dairy Farmers gas station in Cincinnati, and then yesterday, HyVee grocery stores in Illinois leaked another photo on Facebook.

Thus far we haven't been able to track down a can to try for ourselves, but we did reach out to someone who was lucky enough to snag a can early and here's what they said...

Birthday Cake Bash Bang Energy Drink Review

I'm not the biggest birthday cake fan, but it's probably about what you'd expect. It's super sweet. The closest thing I can compare it to, if you've tried the new Rockstar Marshmallow XDurance drink that recently came out, it's kinda like that. If you like Birthday Cake, definitely pickup a can you'll love it. If your someone who likes the more traditional fruit flavors like Bangster Berry, Citrus, and Peach Mango, it may not be your cup of tea, but may be worth picking up at least one can for the novelty and just to try it out. 

So there you have it. It will be interesting to hear what others have to say as we see more reviews come out on Youtube and Social Media. We should be getting this flavor in sometime in the next couple of weeks here. Keep checking back here at My Supplement Store for more updates, and we'll keep you posted as to when we get it in. 

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