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Bang Energy Announces New Tropical Themed South Florida Inspired Bang Energy Drink

September 17, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments


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We have another new Bang Energy Drink flavor. It feels like just the other week the brand was teasing us with the release of what came to be known as Birthday Cake Bash.  VPX is already at it again, teasing an all new flavor, and running a giveaway of a case through their Instagram page. 

Bang loves to drive us crazy with teasers for weeks on end leading up to the release of a new flavor. This time they posted from the @BangEnergy Instagram page, a short video with Cuban music playing in the background, and palm leaves fluttering over the can. The can has a tropical kind of vibe to it, and features the Miami Dolphins team colors. 

In the description to the Instagram video, it says they are proud to have their Headquarters in South Florida, and that's where they got the inspiration for this flavor. They say cracking open an ice cold can of this new flavor will bring you right to the beautiful beaches of South Florida.

If I had to guess I'd guess the new flavor will be a Miami Ice flavor. Other supplement brands and beverage brands have done similar flavors and it's normally some type of twist on a Pina Colada like flavor featuring something like Strawberry, Coconut, and Banana. 

The brand hasn't given us much to go on thus far. What's your guess? What do you think the new flavor will be? 


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