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Bang Energy Drinks Now Available in Canada

October 10, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments


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Bang Energy drinks have quickly swept the nation becoming one of the most popular Energy Drinks on the market. Well now, Bang sets it's eyes on Canada. The popular zero sugar, zero calorie, high caffeine energy drink is making it's way across the border to our Northern neighbors. Bang has launched at 680 7-Eleven convenience stores, and also has an online store for Canadians.

While I'm sure Canadians are excited to have easy access to Bang, however it's not quite the same set of ingredients, and they've cut back a bit on the caffeine. Bang in Canada still has zero calories, Vitamins, BCAAs, but the caffeine content is 180mg of caffeine in the Canadian version as opposed to the whopping 300mg of caffeine we're used to here in the states. 

Bang's Canadian website is Currently the brand is selling a 12 case for $41.99, and it only comes in 3 flavors at the moment. The current line-up inlcudes Blue Razz, Cherry Blade, and Black Cherry Vanilla. 

If 3 flavors and 180mg of caffeine doesn't cut it for you, checkout our Bang product page below which has all 23 flavors including the newest addition Miami Cola, as well as the 2nd most recent and widely hyped flavor Birthday Cake Bash.