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Bang Just Announced Their NEW Flavor

January 26, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

Bang Raging Raspberry Hibiscus
Ready to rage? Bang has been teasing an all new energy drink flavor and they just released the flavor!
Introducing Bang Raging Raspberry Hibiscus!
Bang New Flavor Raging Raspberry Hibiscus
Bang Energy Drinks are formulated with powerful ingredients that properly fuel your mind and body. Whether you are getting ready for an intense workout, a gaming session, or taking a long hike, Bang Energy will help you achieve optimal performance. Bang Energy Drinks have shown to improve your overall endurance and strength. 
The all new Raging Raspberry Hibiscus flavor was announced, however while this is a new flavor to Bang Energy Drinks, it was actually part of the line-up of VOOZ Hydration Sensation, VPX Sports hydration drink which was released back in December of 2021.