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Bang Mystery Flavor Announced Will Be Revealed Tomorrow 09/25!!!

September 25, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments


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At this point you're probably sick of seeing our posts about the all new South Florida Bang flavor, and just want us to tell you what it is already. Well we wish we knew.

The past couple new Bang flavor releases such as Frose Rose and Birthday Cake Bash, Bang teased us for weeks on end before finally revealing what the flavors were. 

It came to our attention earlier today that the new flavor would be announced tomorrow September 25!!! This is actually much sooner than we expected, normally Bang drags these things on for weeks. @BangEnergy made the announcement around lunchtime today on Instagram.

They didn't tell us where the announcement would be made, so we're not sure if it will be announced on the brand's website or on Instagram, although it will likely be on both within a short time of the announcement. 

We're looking forward to finally finding out what the new flavor is. You've got less than 24 hours to get your guesses in. What do you think the new flavor will be? 

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