Bang Teases Us With Another Mystery Flavor

Bang Teases Us With Another Mystery Flavor

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Just a couple days following VPX Bang announcing plans to roll out a new Keto Coffee flavor, they've just annoucned a teaser of another new flavor to come in the line of Bang Energy Drinks. Thus far VPX has not released what the name of the flavor might be. It's always tough to guess new flavors with Bang because of how unique and creative their flavor choices are, things like Froze Rose and Rainbow Unicorn among others.

The colors of the can of this new flavor look similar to that of Rainbow Unicorn, it's a mostly white can, with blue and pink accents. We do know this new flavor will have zero calories like the rest of the bangs, however what this new flavor is, is still up in the air.

Do you have any guesses? If so drop a comment below and let us know what you think this new flavor will be. 

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