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Black Magic BZRK Powerful Pre-Workout

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Olympus Labs Protein Powder

powerful pre-workout

If you're one of those people who even after 6 cups of coffee you find yourself saying, "I still haven't woken up yet" then Black Magic BZRK is the pre-workout that you need.

This insane pre-workout is packed with a shopping 350mg of caffeine, that's more than three cups of coffee. Just one scoop of this pre-workout will give you extreme energy and crazy focus at the gym. Packed with 12 active ingredients this is the perfect pre-workout for energy, focus, and insane pumps.

This one isn't for beginners, but if you're someone who finds your old pre-workout just isn't cutting it anymore you have to checkout BZRK from Black Magic. It tastes as good as it works.

John Frigo
John Frigo

Avid runner, paddleboarder, and fitness enthusiast. John has written 100's of articles and guides, as well as done videos on the fitness and sports nutrition industries. John is focused on educating and improving others live's through nutrition, supplementation, and fitness.