Black Magic Supps Reformulates BZRK & Adds 2 New Flavors

Black Magic Supps Reformulates BZRK & Adds 2 New Flavors


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Supplement Brand Black Magic Supps has recently made a few big changes to their flagship pre-workout supplement BZRK. Recently Black Magic switched up the formula a bit swapping out DMHA for Isopropylnorsynephrine. 

Black Magic also announced two new flavors coming to the BZRK Pre-Workout, which currently comes in Mango Sunrise, Lemon Razz icy, Peach Rings, and Crystal Blue. The all new flavors are going to be Cosmic Burst and Haterade. Both these new flavors will feature the new non-DMHA formula. 

The all new formula is currently for sale here at My Supplement Store, the new flavors are set to drop sometime later this month. If you'd like to checkout Black Magic BZRK you can do so below. 

Black Magic BZRK 25 Servings


Black Magic recently reformulated their Pre-Workout BZRK, and also added two new flavors. Checkout the All New BZRK!

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