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Black Market Labs Bulk Adds New Guerrilla Edition with ProGBB

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Olympus Labs Protein Powder


One of the newer brands we brought in not too long ago, but which has been quickly growing in popularity is the Hardcore Cutting Edge Supplement Brand Black Market Labs. 

Just added to the Black Market Labs Collection is an all new spin-off of the well rounded Blackstone Labs Bulk Pre-Workout supplement. For those who haven't tried Bulk, it's a well rounded, and almost hybrid style pre-workout providing the usual energy, focus, and pumps, y ou'd expect from a pre-workout. But Bulk is more than just your run of the mill pre-workout formula, it's actually a Test Boosting Pre-Workout.

The Guerrilla Edition which comes in a tasty Blue Razz Lemonade flavor features ProGBB which has powerful thermogenic properties. ProGBB causes a chemical reaction of GBB into L-Carnitine which is exothermic, meaning it releases heat, and causes the thermogenic or fat burning effect in the body. 

The all new Guerrilla Edition of Bulk is now online and available for sale here at My Supplement Store. Checkout the product page below and grab yourself a tub today!

John Frigo
John Frigo

Avid runner, paddleboarder, and fitness enthusiast. John has written 100's of articles and guides, as well as done videos on the fitness and sports nutrition industries. John is focused on educating and improving others live's through nutrition, supplementation, and fitness.