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Blackstone Labs Harmonize, All New Formula for Women

December 12, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments


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Blackstone Labs recently announced an all new supplement made specially for women. The all new offering from Blackstone Labs is called Harmonize, and it's a women's formula aimed at helping to keep a women's hormones and body in perfect harmony, and help to balance hormones. Harmonize also aims to help with weight control, bloating, skin complexion, and even a promote an uplifting mood. 

Apparently Harmonize was initially going to be rolled out under another name, but Blackstone did a last minute name change and called it harmonize, which is fitting since it aims to harmonize the body. 

So far Blackstone hasn't showed us the full supplement facts panel or given a solid release date, but they have said it should be out soon. We'll keep you updated as to when we get this one in. It's exciting to see a high quality company like Blackstone Labs put a product out for the ladies. 

Blackstone Labs Harmonize 120 Capsules


Blackstone Labs All New and First Ever Women's Formula is now available. Harmonize helps to balance hormones, support weight management and complexion, and provides a positive sense of well-being.