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Blackstone Labs Multi All New Test Boosting Multi-Vitamin and Male Performance Matrix

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Blackstone labs

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Blackstone Labs CEO PJ Braun took to Instagram late last night to announce an all new Test Boosting Multi-Vitamin & Male Performance Matrix. The all new product will be called Multi, and will come in a 90 tablet bottle, to be taken in 3 tablet servings.

PJ Braun said "YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR IT FOR YEARS!!! I shot it down over and over by my partner @htpharmac concocted a formula that EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM!!! And it will be CHEAP! $$$$$$$$$ I'm going live shortly to talk about it. 

Multi appears to be a well rounded, heavily dosed multi-vitamin which also contains a Blackstone Testosterone Boosting & Male Performance Matrix which features 1725mg of Tribulus terrestris extract, Fenegreek extract, Maca extract and Eurycomia longifolia. 

You can take a peak at the supplement facts and everything in this all new product from Blackstone Labs. We should have this one in, in the not too distant future. 


Blackstone Labs Multi 90 Tabelts


Blackstone Labs Multi is a Test Boosting Multi-Vitamin & Male Performance Matrix designed for men. 

John Frigo
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