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Finaflex Keto Kookies Are Finally Here - Order Yours Today!!!

September 06, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments


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The whole crew here at My Supplement Store was psyched today when we got in and found boxes of Finaflex Keto Kookies waiting for us. The whole squad has been waiting for these for weeks since we first saw them announced on the brand's Instagram page back in August.

These Keto Kookies had big shoes to fill, as just a few weeks prior Finaflex had rolled out Oatmeal Protein Pie's which were a hit here in the office as well.

We decided to do a taste test and Keto Kookies wowed all of us. They actually taste like a real shortbread cookie. The almond flavor was good but for the most part just tasted like a shortbread cookie. The coconut flavor on the other hand had a much stronger coconut flavor to it which I personally loved.

We were missing two cases of Keto Kookies, and were about to call Finaflex until Brad found Maurice hiding in the back of the warhouse stuffing his face with almond cookies. Kuri is allergic to coconut so just meant more cookies for me Jenny, Carley, and myself...yum!!!

If you're someone who's on the keto diet and still has a sweet tooth from time to time, you gotta pick up a box. Heck, even if you're not on the keto diet, where else are you gonna find delicious cookies that only have 110 calories and 1 grams of net carbs. Grab a box today. I recommend the coconut. 

Finaflex Keto Cookies 6oz


Ketogenic Diet Snacks | Finaflex Keto Cookies 6oz You thought your new Keto Diet meant you had to sacrafice your sweet tooth. Well that's no longer the case with Keto Kookies. If you miss the days before your Ketogenic Lifestyle when you could eat satisfying tasty treats, get ready for Keto Kookies. These all natural and non-GMO treats fit into the keto lifestyle and keto diet. Available in Coconut and Almond flavors, these sinfully good snacks only have a single net carb per serving. Finaflex K ...