Ghost Energy Drink's NEWEST Flavor: Strawbango Margarita

Ghost Energy Drink's NEWEST Flavor: Strawbango Margarita

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We all know and love Ghost Energy Drinks; plus the flavors of Ghost Energy Drinks are always a hit! But guess what guys?! Ghost Energy Drinks have an all new flavor coming! Introducing Strawbango Margarita (but without the alcohol). I am a huge Margarita and Ghost Energy Drink fan, so I am super excited to try this one! I am hoping to get my hands on a can soon!
Ghost Energy Strawbango Margarita sounds like a mix of a Strawberry Margarita which is one of my favorite flavored margaritas and Mango Margarita which is another favorite flavor of mine! 
So far, my favorite Ghost Energy Drink is the War Heads flavor because it isn't sweet like other energy drinks and has a nice sour kick to it. But who knows, maybe Strawbango Margarita will be my favorite! 
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