Glaxon Enters the Immune Support Category with ARC Immune Support

Glaxon Enters the Immune Support Category with ARC Immune Support


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If you follow our blog here at MySupplementStore.Com, you've probably noticed a category with a ton of new products rolling out is the Immune Support category. And it's probably no surprise either, not only is it cold and flu season, but with the media running stories 24/7 about the Coronavirus and Covid19 it's no surprise people are looking to boost their immune systems.

Recently Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has been rolling out a number of immune supplements, along with NutraBio andothers. Recently we've seen a number of more traditional sport nutrition brands like Alpha Lion and Animal rolling out Immune Support Supps. Well now Glaxon is getting into the game as well with ARC Immune.

Glaxon's ARC Immune aims to provide a well rounded immune support formula, though they've yet to share many details with us. We do know however it will feature antioxidants, TRAACS minerals, and prebiotics, along with other ingredients to help support immune health. 

Glaxon hasn't shared much information as of yet, but we'll keep you posted as we learn more. 

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