Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten | Beta Ecdysterone Supplement

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten | Beta Ecdysterone Supplement

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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten is an all NEW Ecdysterone supplement! Hi-Tech Ecdisten is made with 250mg of Beta Ecdysterone per capsule. Hi Tech Ecdisten is a natural muscle building compound that supports optimal levels of male hormones like Testosterone. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ecdisten is a supplement that will support muscle growth and recovery as well as help increase protein synthesis, lean muscle development, and strength. 

Ecdisten is a naturally occurring compound that is found in plants and insects. This compound has recently become more popular as a supplement because it can help support optimal levels of male hormones and post-resistance training recovery. Beta Ecdysterone has tons of research behind it and some research have shown incredible benefits. One study about Beta Ecdysterone has shown a 20% increase in protein synthesis via stimulation of the Pl3K pathway. This powerful compound has shown that it converts to protein and increases protein synthesis in the body which will help lead to building more muscle mass and increasing your overall strength. Ecdisten is a cutting edge anabolic and anti-proteolytic compound which will help keep your body in a state of anabolism instead of catabolism. 

Ecdisten is extrated from Rhaponticum Carthamoids Extracts which is a large perennial herb. This herb has shown a normalizing effect on the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. This herb has shown to improve your overall sleep, your appetite, mood, mental and physical state. Rhaponticum Carthamoids Extracts will also help you build lean muscle while helping to reduce any body fat. 

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