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Insane Labz Announces New Powdered Version of their Insane Cutz Fat Burner

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The chemists over at Insane Labz have been busy in the lab. In the past few days the brand has launched two new products. You may have seen our post about Insane Labz new women's pre-workout called Boss Ass Bitch. They've also announced a new variation on their popular Insane Cutz Fat Burner.

Insane Cutz had always come in a capsule form, however Insane Labz has added a new flavored powder version of the supplement. In similar fashion to the original, Insane Cutz Powder aims to provide energy, focus, and fat burning. 

You can checkout the fact panel below, this new formula is going to contain a blend featuring Beta Alanine, two forms of Caffeine, Caffeine Citrate and Caffeine Anhydrous, as well as Cocoteanol, AMPiberry, and Bioperine for absorption. 

This new version, while slightly less potent, also comes in with a lower price tag at $44.99 for a 35 serving tub versus $54.99 for 45 servings of the capsules. This new fat burner will also be flavored and will initially roll out with a Cotton Candy flavor. Check back for updates on when this new powdered version of Insane Labz is available. 

John Frigo
John Frigo

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