Insane Labz Psychotic Diablo Fat Burner Just Revealed

Insane Labz Psychotic Diablo Fat Burner Just Revealed


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A week or two back Insane Labz had teased a new mystery product in an Instagram post. They teased a silhouette of the bottle, and gave a few clues that the product was likely to be part of their Psychotic series, and was most likely going to be a Fat Burner or Thermogenic supplement of some type.

Well this all new product has been revealed. The all new product from Insane Labz is called Psychotic Diablo, and it brings together a formula of ingredients to provide energy, enhanced thermogenesis, fat loss support, and appetite suppression. Insane Labz Psychotic Diablo is billed as an AMPiberry infused thermogenic supplement. 

You can check out the full supplement panel and supplement facts below for yourself. It contains a non-transparent 692mg blend which contains the likes of dandelion root, grains of paradise, alpha yohimbine, and others. 

While we don't yet have Psychotic Diablo in stock yet, it should be here any day now. Stay tuned for updates, and in the interum feel free to check out our wide selection of Fat Burners from the likes of Insane Labz, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Blackstone Labs, and more!

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