Keto Lean from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals | New Product Alert

Keto Lean from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals | New Product Alert

Exciting news today from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Those of you on the Keto Diet and living the Keto Lifestyle will appreciate this one. Keto Lean from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, their first dedicated Keto product.

This product promises to accelerate ketosis and provide immediate and sustained energy while in ketosis. 

Keto Lean is going to contain 1500mg of BHB Salts, L-Carnitine Tartrate, and a host of other promising ingredients. Oftentimes when new products are announced we don't know exactly what we'll be getting, however Hi-Tech has put out the full label and supplement facts so we're pleased to be able to give you a full sneak peak at what Keo Lean has in store. Keto Lean is going to contain a 500mg Keto Lean BHB Ketosis Complex and a 250mg Keto Lean Weight Loss Blend. 

Now we just learned about this exciting new supplement, no word yet on when it's actually going to roll out, but continue to check back for updates, it shouldn't be too long. Checkout the full label below and feel free to checkout our entire line-up of Hi-Tech products as well.

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