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Killer Labz New Orange Mango Flavor of Noxious Pump Powder

August 16, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments


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Killer Labz has been busy in the lab crafting new supplements and new flavors. Just a few days ago we posted about the company rolling out an energy infused BCAA supplement called Brute NRG, a spin-off from Brute BCAA. The newest announcement from Killer Labz is a new flavor being added to their Noxious Extreme Pump Powder. 

Killer Labz announced an all new flavor set to joint the current duo of Furious Punch and Unflavored. The new flavor is Orange Mango. 

This new Orange Mango version of Noxious should become available within the next couple of weeks. This new Orange Mango flavor is a flavor shared by Killer High Stim Reaper Pre-Workout, which will make it even easier to stack the two. 

Killer Labz Stim Reaper


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