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Limited Edition Frose Rose Is Here!!!

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Olympus Labs Protein Powder


Frose Rose, the All New Limited Edition VPX Bang Energy Drink is here!!!. We've been anxiously awaiting this since it's release on President's Day. Eagerly awaiting trying it out and seeing what it's all about. 

So you're probably wondering, what does Frose Rose taste like? It's declious, nailing down the flavor profile however is a bit harder. I've never tasted a rose so can't comment on that element of it. To me it tastes like a fruity mixture of possibly peach and grape maybe? Either way it's tasty stuff.

Zero Calories, 300mg of Caffeine, BCAAs, and CoQ10, makes a great replacement for that blah morning coffee. 

If you've been dying to try the new Frose Rose pick some up today, it's going to go fast!!!

Accumula Collaborator
Accumula Collaborator