Merica Labz 4 New Flavors Coming Soon

Merica Labz 4 New Flavors Coming Soon


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Supplement company Merica Labz has announced that over the next few months they'll be rolling out several new flavors for both of their Pre-Workout supplements, as well as their Patriot's Whey Protein Powder. 

Merica Labz is known for having some great flavors, so we're anxiously awaiting to see what they've come up with. Merica Labz has not y et announced what these new up and coming flavors will be, however they have confirmed it will be a total of 4 new flavors. 

The products set to get these new flavors will be the Pre-Workouts Red, White, and Boom, as well as the stim free pump pre-workout Stars 'N Pipes. These new flavors will also be rolled out in the Patriot's Whey Protein. Merica Labz has also announced they'll be rolling out a 2lb version in addition to the 5lb that's currently available so these new flavors will also be available in the new 2lb size. 

This isn't the first new flavors we've seen from Merica Labz this summer either. Earlier this summer Merica Labz had rolled out two new flavors in their Red, White and Boom RTD drinks. Those flavors were Victory Cream Soda and Merican Classic Cherry Cola. We'll keep you updated on what these new flavors from Merica Labz are once we get word, so keep checking back. 

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