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Merica Labz Minos Becomes Suprimos BCAA & EAA Supplement

June 03, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

Olympus Labs Protein Powder

Earlier this year back in February 'Merica Labz had announced that it would be replacing it's amino supplement "Merica Minos" with a all new supplement called Suprimos.

This new supplement features a slightly different amino formula compared to the original Merica Minos. Instead of being a BCAA supplement, they've also packed a combined 10 grams of all nine essential amino acids and electrolytes for hydration. 

The All New Merica Labz Suprimos comes in three tasty flavors, Back in Black Lemonade, Rockets Red Glare, and Freedom of Peach. 

If  you're looking for an intra-workout or post-workout supplement full of BCAAs, EAAs and Electrolytes to help power you through your workouts and recover faster then grab a tub of Merica Labz Suprimos today!

Merica Labz Suprimos 30 Servings | BCAAs, EAAs, Electrolytes


Merica Labz Suprimos 30 Servings Looking for a BCAA supplement with an ingredient panel as honest as good ole Honest Abe? Look no further than Suprimos from Merica Labz. This amino acid supplement helps to build muscle and has enough BCAA's and EAAs to make sure no workout goes to waste, while providing hydration and electrolytes your body needs to propel you through workouts. What makes Suprimos unique is the researched blend of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), and the remaining six essentia ...