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Merica Labz Red, White & Boom Pre-Workout Getting 4 New Flavors!!!

September 23, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments


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We've had a lot of news coming from Merica Labz lately. We just did a post earlier today about how their spin-off Merica Snax which was announced last February finally has a release date for their all new Beef Stix. Well, Merica Labz is back at it again with another exciting announcement, this time 4 new flavor additions to their Red, White and Boom Pre-Workout!!!

This product already has a pretty decent flavor line-up with with 5 flavors including Blood Sweat and Tears, Freedom, Let's Make Merica Grape Again, Not Your Granny's Apple, and Merican Made. Well, the brand is releasing 4 new flavors almost doubling your choices and bringing the total flavor choices up to 9. 

The new flavors will include White Picket Fence, Cooperstown, 21 Fruit Salute, and Giggle Pouch. Here's the catch though, Merica Labz has given us the names, but has not told us what the flavors behind them will be. I think it's safe to assume the 21 Fruit Salute will be a fruit punch, outside of that I have no idea what the others could be. If you have a guess drop a comment below.

These new flavor options should become available sometime in the 2nd half of October so keep checking back!!!

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